A new food cart plans to open in Damascus, OR and Mestizo's Mexican Grill is ready to share their rich food with you. Their plan, is for everyone to feel the richness of Mexico’s delicacy food and see the love for tradition in America. This project stands out from the rest, because it gave me the opportunity to connect to my Mexican roots and play with the styling and traditional calligraphy of Mexico's businesses.


Part of Portland food culture is to attend food carts but it's located in an area that is a bit more out of the area, so we wanted to make sure when customers come that it connected to the owners cultural roots as they are first generation Mexican-American. I created the entire logo thinking of how clean and personal the logo should feel so used script font that could be easily readable and you would recognize it. The goal was also to appear traditional but to connect with the Mexico's traditional business aesthetics but at the same time appeal to native Portlanders, and I accomplished that by playing with pinks and reds while playing with the videography, and using a minimal color palette.
This is where I got to play with the User Experience of how someone would find the website of the business, who is the general audience and how would they navigate the website. I looked into how they would want a very simplified experience in regards of looking for the name nav, obtaining the menu, and getting to the about page, where you see a quick demo reel of Mestizo.

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